Heartlands, Pool, Cornwall

This pilot study is being carried out in the first phases of a Government-supported custom build housing pilot scheme by Carillion igloo at Heartlands in Pool, Cornwall.

The 144-home development includes 54 custom build houses designed by six different ‘home manufacturer’ teams (comprising of architects, manufacturers and builders).

HTA drawing of the Heartlands

The tools being tested on the Heartlands site have been developed by Slider Studio and HTA Design LLP. They are using CAD and web plug-ins to create a house configurator that will help architects and developers in various ways.

This house configurator will:

  • Allow architects to model and test custom build home designs.
  • Help sales staff present choice to home buyers during the sales process
  • Let home buyers explore their options via a web based version of the same tool

HTA also developed the masterplan for this pilot project as well as developing a range of custom build housetypes with Kingspan Potton, one of the home manufacturers at Heartlands.


Stickyworld, Axis Architects and Commusoft are testing the Connected Home User Guide software on a private property in Wolverhampton.

Speculating on a future of construction and product information improved by the use of BIM, online storage and rapid prototyping material techniques, the guide will curate all the design and construction details about the house in formats aimed to improve the experience for different users.

Drawings, manuals, product receipts, photos, videos, 3D printer files and BIM data will be presented via an online portal using Stickyworld allowing the home owner, landlord or visitor to access maintenance tutorials, material details and object data.

Connected Home User Guide

Additional layers of information about current energy performance and online access to Internet of Things devices will make the user guide a live interface to encourage regular care of the home.

Information for the creation of replacement parts using 3D printing technology will help to make the long term maintenance easier without dependencies on proprietary products.

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