National Custom & Self Build Week ran from 2-10 May 2015. Once again, the week launched the Self Build on a Shoestring competition where the challenge was to design co-housing in a rural situation.

NaCSBA’s Research and Development team revealed its research on the best self build projects around the country.

On General Election Day, a panel of influential spokespeople from NaCSBA discussed with Kevin McCloud how self build might fit into the policies of the new Government.

Another exciting series of events took place for National Custom and Self Build Week from 3-11 May 2014 helping to promote custom and self build in the UK, and encourage more people to turn their dreams into a reality.

Building on the success of 2013, the week generated large volumes of press coverage and, for the first time ever, led to an adjournment debate on self and custom build in the House of Commons.

The end of the week saw the launch of the second ‘Self Build on a Shoestring’ competition.

Starting as ‘National Self Build Week’, the DCLG-backed campaign took place from 4-12 May 2013 and included a wide-ranging programme of events to help millions of Britons turn their self build dreams into a reality.

A range of activities took place at a local and regional level, including a large workshop for would-be self builders in Leeds and a series of busy tours of a pioneering self build community project in Bristol.

There were also many smaller events including open days arranged by suppliers active in the sector in Wales, Essex, Derbyshire and Surrey.

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