With 26 years in the construction industry, working from grass roots to management, he has the qualifications, leadership skills and experience to inspire and motivate an effective working group, empowering them to lead NaCSBA into this new exciting era.

As MD of Potton, one of the UK’s largest self build companies, Mark sees first-hand the issues plaguing our industry and the challenges our customers face. Whilst we are seeing the beginning of change and recent government announcements to stimulate self building are welcomed, he believes there is more to be done.

Initiatives such as custom build and Right to Build will no doubt accelerate growth but Mark claims that our planning system is divisive and is overburdening with bureaucracy, and the lack of ‘affordable’ finance limits self building for the wealthy.

As the Suppliers and Manufacturers Representative, Mark believes he will confront these obstacles by driving policy, bringing about change. With vision, determination and commitment Mark trusts that we can address these issues and together will bring the sector to the forefront of the construction industry and make building your home an achievable option for all.

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