8 March 2018
Westpoint Exeter, Clyst St Mary, Exeter, EX5 1DJ


8 March, Westpoint Centre, Exeter

Post-event presentations and handouts

Here you can view and download speakers’ slides and handouts:

Masterclass handouts

These sessions were largely discussion based. The masterclasses below provided some documentation:

On 8 March 2018, the Westpoint Centre, Exeter, the region’s designers, builders, planners, surveyors, lenders, developers, landowners, community groups and local authorities – everyone you need to meet to start a custom and self-build project – will be at this event.
Match up your Right-to-Build ambitions with services, support and experience, and explore how custom and self-build housing can be delivered effectively.

You are invited to attend the next in a series of popular regional events, brought to you by NaCSBA, the Right-to-Build Task Force and Wood for Good, in partnership.

Local authorities, NaCSBA members and Wood for Good supporters can register FREE for all our Right-to-Build events. 

All local authorities in England now have a legal duty to prepare and publicise ‘Right to Build’ demand registers for people in their areas that want to commission their own home. They must also grant planning permission for sufficient ‘shovel ready’ plots to meet the demand on their registers within three years.

Now is the time for those implementing the Right to Build – local authorities, community groups, landowners and developers – to harness the potential of the new legislative framework and unlock custom and self build housing opportunities in their area.

Right to Build Expo brings together all the players you need to meet and hear from to kick start your own Right to Build success story. From politics and planning to practice and delivery it bridges the gap between those with profound custom and self build experience and groups who still need to get there.

You will get unrivalled insight into the best way to get started, from the people who have actually done it.  Be inspired by panel discussions with leaders of local developments. Get advice on legal, financial, and political practicalities. Hear case studies from local and international custom and self build schemes and particular opportunities for Garden Towns.

The Right to Build Expo will galvanize you and your team with in-depth access to success stories and ‘how-to’s from other regions. Get directly connected to expert support from the Task Force and understand how to maximize the full potential of the Right to Build demand registers.

“Excellent – informative and inspirational” – local authority Expo delegate.

Click below for the full final PROGRAMME:

PDF: Right to Build Expo, Exeter, Programme

Cllr. Jeremy Christophers, Leader of Teignbridge District Council
– on growth ambitions and boosting housing supply across Great Exeter
Richard Bacon MP, Right to Build Task Force Ambassador and Chair of APPG for Self Build Custom and Community Housebuilding and Placemaking – on why it is important to support custom and self-build housing
Mark Stevenson, Managing Director, Potton – on working with enablers
Simon Thornley, Business Manager, Strategic Place, Teignbridge District Council – on what you can learn from Teignbridge DC experiences and case-studies
Michael Holmes, Chair, National Custom and Self Build Association (NaCSBA) – on market demand, the legal obligation, market growth and examples of where custom and self-build is already happening
Mario Wolf, Director, Right-to-Build Task Force – on supporting custom and self-build delivery across the UK
Alex South, Operations Director at Veterans Self Build and Community Self Build Agency – on enabled community self-build development, featuring The Nelson Project in Plymouth
Hugo Davies and Geoff Dowson, Broadhempston Community Land Trust (CLT) Project, Devon – on enabling group custom and self-build housing

Alastair Parvin, Co-Founder of WikiHouse Foundationon The Citizen Sector: how custom and self-build needs to be the new normal

Interactive discussion with Richard Bacon, with contributions from Jeremy Christophers, Mark Stevenson and Alastair Parvinon benefits for local communities

Choose from a range of masterclasses which drill into viability considerations:

  • Right-to-Build Registers and assessing demand
  • Mortgage and finance availability
  • How to implement the right to build
  • Planning for custom and self-build housing
  • How to facilitate building plots
  • How to incorporate custom and self-build housing into a neighbourhood plan

Local authorities, NaCSBA members and Wood for Good supporters can register FREE for all our Right-to-Build events. We also offer preferential conditions to members on all sponsoring packages.

This Right to Build Expo (South West) is the next in a series of regionally-focused Task Force events running nationally until 2019.

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